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New Year, New Insurance

How to Get Lower Rates on Your Insurance

As the New Year approaches, one of your resolutions may be to find more ways to save money. You can do this by rethinking your insurance policies. It’s always a good idea to do an annual insurance review, because you might discover that you could be eligible for discounts and other savings that you aren’t currently taking advantage of!

For example, if you have an older car, you may have had the same car insurance for years. But did you know that your rates could be lowered based on any changes that have happened recently? For instance, if you changed jobs and don’t commute as far, that can affect how much you pay. And most likely, it will reduce the cost.

More Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance

Also, you might be eligible for discounts to your Homeowners Insurance if you recently installed a security system or quit smoking. If you started bundling all of your insurance policies with one company, they’ll most likely give you discounts for that, too.

How to Do an Annual Insurance Review

Take time before the New Year to collect all of your insurance policies, whether it’s home, auto, renter’s, motorcycle, etc. Usually you can find the basic information on the summary page of your policy. Here’s what to look for: the amount of coverage, your premium costs and your deductible. Keep in mind, if you want to lower your premiums, you’ll be raising your deductible. First, you should make sure you can afford the deductible amount if you have to make a claim.

Could You Rebuild Your Home If You Had To?

This is an important question when you’re reevaluating your home insurance. The reality is, construction costs could be much higher than when you first took out your insurance policy. Also, remember that insurance companies will tell you that if something major needs to be replaced, it will be replaced with something of “like kind and quality.” Your kitchen may still look like the 1980s. If you needed to upgrade your kitchen with more contemporary cabinetry and appliances, you’ll need to be able to cover that cost.

Did You Purchase Valuable Items?

In the past year, you may have purchased jewelry or other very valuable items that you may not have extra coverage for. Do an inventory to make sure you haven’t forgotten that priceless painting! If you discover that you did buy something like that, you’ll need to increase your coverage for “personal possessions.”

Is Your Home More Likely to Flood?

When you purchased your house, it may not have been in a flood zone at the time. But in recent

years, have you had more damaging storms and repeated flooding in your basement? It may be time to consider getting flood insurance, even if it wasn’t required.

What Umbrella Insurance Can Do for You

Last but not least, consider umbrella insurance. It’s a low-cost way to get extra protection for things like your retirement fund, investments and any future income, which may all be lost as the result of a lawsuit. Many people don’t think about liability coverage until it’s too late. So umbrella insurance will help protect you above and beyond your standard home and auto insurance coverage.

For all your home, auto and other insurance needs, please contact Zawada Insurance Agency. We work to give you comprehensive coverage at a competitive price.

Zawada Insurance Agency, Inc. is a family-owned and operated independent insurance agency, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, serving central Massachusetts and beyond.

ATV Insurance: The Basics of Coverage

ATV Insurance: The Basics of Coverage

If you are planning on taking your all terrain vehicle out for a ride, make sure you have enough insurance coverage. Like motorcycle insurance, ATV insurance is necessary because it is a somewhat dangerous activity. And the riskier an activity is, the greater the chances of an accident.

What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

All terrain vehicle insurance covers the costs associated with accidents and theft. It pays for necessary repairs, lawsuits or injuries resulting from an accident.

Types of ATV Coverage

Basic coverages include:

Collision – Pays for repairs after an accident.

Comprehensive – Pays for damage to the ATV if the damage occurs because of something besides an accident (if a tree falls on it, vandalism, etc.).

Liability – Covers bodily injury.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist – If you are hit by someone who doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your medical and other expenses.

How High are the Premiums?

Your premium is determined by a number of factors, including your driving history, age, gender, credit history, how fast your ATV can go (maximum speed) and where you will be driving it. For example, if you use your vehicle in a forest area with hills and other obstructions to your visibility, it is more dangerous than if you use it on wide open dunes and other open spaces where you have better visibility.

What if You are in an Accident?

Be sure to take photos or get some documentation at the time of your accident. This will help your insurance claims adjuster. The adjuster will figure your compensation based on the amount of coverage you have, what type of damage you have incurred, and your deductible.

NOTE: Not all states require ATV insurance, so you’ll have to look at the laws that are applicable for the state in which you live. Massachusetts has tough laws governing ATV safety, so you’ll want to consult with insurance professionals to make sure you have adequate coverage. According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, Massachusetts is the “toughest in the nation,” when it comes to ATVs. Because of the number of fatalities, accidents causing head injuries, and other tragedies, the state has cracked down on laws associated with ATVs.

For example, no child under the age of 10 can ride an all terrain vehicle. Any child younger than 17 cannot ride a vehicle that was designed for adults. And finally, there are no exceptions to these laws even if there is adult supervision. That goes for special training courses as well.

Massachusetts has drafted these laws in an effort to improve safety, so you can be sure that your insurance company will be looking at what safety measures you’ve taken when purchasing a new all terrain vehicle for yourself.

Zawada Insurance Agency helps you find the most affordable insurance for home, auto, boat, and many others. We work to give you comprehensive coverage at a competitive price.

Zawada Insurance Agency, Inc. is a family-owned and operated independent insurance agency, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, serving central Massachusetts and beyond.