Top 6 Car Insurance Myths : What to Know This Winter

With the first snowfall in November, it looks like we may be in for a long winter. That’s why you need to make sure you get the facts about auto insurance, especially during the snowy season. Check out these six common myths about car insurance:

  1. If you cause an accident, even if it’s because of a slippery road, your insurance rates will automatically increase.

This can be true sometimes, but not always. It often depends on your insurance company’s policies and the types of coverage you have.

  1. Newer vehicles will cost more to insure.

Not necessarily. In fact, many newer vehicles come equipped with more safety features than older cars, which can actually lower your rates.

  1. The only safety feature that matters in the winter is four-wheel drive.

In snowy conditions, it helps to have four-wheel drive, but that is not the only safety feature that can reduce your chances of getting in a winter-related accident. It’s also good to have anti-lock brakes. This will prevent the car or truck from skidding on slick surfaces. In addition, some newer vehicles, such as SUVs, have indicators on the dashboard that let you know when the road has reached a temperature that’s below freezing.

  1. Liability insurance covers other cars you hit and those cars that hit you.

No. Liability does cover damage to vehicles that YOU hit. But if someone hits you, you’ll want collision coverage, which will pay for the cost of repairs that you may need for your car.

  1. If you have a good driving record, you won’t be penalized if you have an accident due to winter weather.

Unfortunately, that’s often not the case. If you have an accident, even due to rough weather conditions, you could still lose any safe driver discount.

  1. Liability and collision are the only coverages you need in winter.

No. Winter is the time to make sure you have roadside assistance as well. In fact, before the first snow storm hits, you should be aware of whether or not this is included in your auto insurance policy. Roadside assistance will cover you if your car runs off the road during a storm or the battery dies and you need to be towed, or any other unforeseen issue.
To be safe, get comprehensive coverage, and you’ll be protected for all kinds of things you may not have even thought of. For instance, comprehensive coverage will take care of things like stray icicles falling on your car, clumps of snow flying into your windshield from a car in front of you that wasn’t scraped off properly, or if your car is warming up in the driveway and it gets stolen. In many newer vehicles, you can start your car from inside the house without unlocking it, which can prevent the likelihood of your car getting stolen. So this is another important safety feature to have, especially during the coldest months.

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