Surprising Car Insurance Tips for Winter

4 Things You Should Know
‘Tis the season for slipping and sliding on treacherous roads. This can be a costly time as well, depending on what type of auto insurance you have. Here are some things to know so you can save money during this winter.

  1. Check that your car has recommended safety features.

If you’re planning on driving your vehicle in winter weather, or if you’re thinking of purchasing a new vehicle, you should know that having important safety features can actually lower your car insurance costs. The most important of these safety features are anti-lock brakes (ABS), which help to prevent skidding on icy roads, giving you extra traction. It’s also good if your vehicle comes with daytime running lights, so that you can see when there is low visibility, as well as be seen by other drivers. One complaint about daytime running lights is that the bulbs have to be replaced more frequently than in cars that don’t have them. But regular maintenance is necessary for all vehicles, and it is worth it in the long run.  In addition to these features, always make sure you have all-weather tires with good traction before venturing out onto snowy roads.

  1. Know the rules about accidents caused by winter weather.

Winter is a time when even the best drivers with the best records could find themselves accidentally sliding into a ditch or hitting another car. Unfortunately, even if the accident is not your fault, but caused by snow and ice, you’ll most likely lose any safe driver discount as a result.
It is widely believed that if you cause any accident, your car insurance rates will increase. This is often true, but not always.  The type of coverage you have will affect the rate you will pay, depending on the cause of the accident. Liability insurance will cover any damage to other vehicles you hit if you swerve on a slippery road. However, if someone else hits you, collision coverage will take care of the cost for repairs to your vehicle. Last but not least, if you have to have your car towed because the battery died when you got stuck in a storm, make sure you have roadside assistance included in your policy to cover this cost.

  1. Get comprehensive coverage.

Winter is a particularly hazardous time for driving, which is why it’s best to get the most possible coverage. Comprehensive coverage, for instance, will take care of things you may not have even thought about. For example, if you leave your car warming up in the driveway, and someone steals it, you’ll be thankful you have comprehensive coverage!
In the winter, any number of unforeseen events can occur. Imagine an icicle or snow-covered tree branch falling on your car and denting it or cracking the windshield. Comprehensive coverage will take care of these things.

  1. Understand the differences between auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance.  

There are some weather-related things not covered by your auto insurance policy.  For instance, if you park your car under a carport that collapses under the weight of heavy snow and damages your car—this is an event that would be covered by homeowner’s insurance, even though it affects your car.  Also, anything that involves your garage, since it’s attached to your house or even detached, is considered property that falls under your homeowner’s insurance.
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