Repair Your Roof: How to Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

Your Homeowners Insurance policy most likely covers various types of water damage. If you live in New England, your house is subjected to wind-driven rains, melting snow, and other weather conditions that can make the exterior vulnerable to rot and mold. What your policy doesn’t cover, however, is water damage that is caused by poor maintenance. For example, if your gutters are overflowing or your roof is leaking, don’t expect your Homeowners Insurance to cover that. This is why you need to constantly maintain your roof and home exterior. Check it regularly and make repairs as needed.
Areas that are particularly susceptible to water damage are the eaves just under your roof.
The Purpose of Fascia and Soffits
The fascia is the horizontal band at the end of your roof rafters. The soffit is found under the rafter tail. While these pieces create visual, architectural interest, they are also very practical. They protect the exterior of your house from damage when wind and rain blow upward. They also help to keep out unwanted animals such as birds and squirrels, AND they provide a nice cover for your attic vents. But if your fascia and soffits aren’t properly maintained, water will likely collect in that eave area.
How to Check and Repair the Fascia and Soffits
When you inspect and clean out your gutters, once a year, you should also take a look at the fascia and soffits to check for peeling, areas of wood rot, and any other potential problems. If there is rotted wood underneath, you’ll need to completely replace all the fascia and soffits. However, if you see only one or two areas that might be compromised, you can fix them by caulking and sealing the areas.
Should you need to replace your fascia and soffits, you should choose a material such as vinyl, an increasingly popular choice for this area under the roof. Vinyl has proven to be more durable and is aesthetically appealing, able to blend seamlessly with most home exteriors. Unfortunately, many older homes have fascia and soffits constructed of wood, which is very likely to decay after a few rough winters in New England. One spring, a homeowner heard a pecking sound outside and found a woodpecker trying to make a home in the soft wood underneath the roof! That’s when you know it’s time to replace the fascia with a tougher material that can not only withstand the weather, but also not create a hospitable environment for birds!
Aluminum is another popular choice when replacing your fascia and soffits. They won’t peel or rot, and will last many decades.
Whichever material you choose, it’s best to go with something that will last a very long time, because you don’t want to have frequent repair and replacement costs. In the long run, it will also save you money, because you’ll be preventing damage that Homeowner’s Insurance won’t cover.
So be sure to check your roof, fascia and soffits before winter hits. That way, you can rest assured that your home is protected.
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