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Ways to Get a Better Deal On Homeowner’s Insurance – Part I

Spring is a time for starting fresh. And for some, it means getting a brand new home. Before you embark on this exciting new adventure in your life, check out some of these ways to lower your costs on homeowner’s insurance. Following these guidelines can help you enjoy your dream home, without breaking your budget.
Top Tips to Keep Homeowner’s Insurance Costs Low:
Remember, it’s worth it to shop around for the best rates on homeowner’s insurance, because rates can vary as much as hundreds of dollars! Here are a few things you can do:
Buy a newer home. Your insurance company can relax if your home is brand new, because the wiring is likely to be in good shape, along with pipes and other things that tend to be bigger issues in older homes. For example, there are many reinforcement materials available for roofing, and a newer home is likely to be built using these. This will protect from severe weather events. You may spend more if the home is new, but you’ll likely save on your premiums as a result.
Give your older home a facelift. If you’ve purchased an older home, it’s a good idea to do updates wherever possible. Make sure the plumbing, electrical wires and heating units are up-to-date. This will reduce the risk of damage caused by water, pipe corrosion and fires. Did you know that old wiring is the biggest fire concern for insurance companies? According to the U.S. Fire Administration, old wires cause twice as many fires as electrical appliances! So the cost of updating your home—wiring and pipes especially—will be rewarded in a lower homeowner’s insurance bill.
Consider the location of your new home. Like realtors always say, it’s all about the location! In this case, insurance companies love it if your home is in a gated community. That adds to your security in a way that just having a security system doesn’t. Also, if you’re located in close proximity to a fire department, and not out in the middle of nowhere, you’re likely to be considered safer to an insurance company.
Protect your home from natural disasters. This depends on where you live, of course. Some states have special regulations concerning things like earthquakes and tornados. There may be requirements that your house is built to withstand certain types of weather events. But if not, there are things you can do to make your house as safe as possible—and as a result, more attractive to your insurance company. For example, if you live in an area that is prone to windstorms, consider purchasing storm shutters or materials to strengthen your roof and other structures that may be attached to your house.
There are still more secrets to saving money on homeowner’s insurance. Check back because we’ll have Part 2 of this blog coming soon!
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