Insuring Your Snowmobile. What You Need to Know

Insurance is all about risk. But does that mean you can’t enjoy your favorite winter sports even when you have insurance? No, but be sure to check out a few things when buying insurance for your snowmobile. . .
Snowmobile Safety
The sub-zero weather has turned lakes into frozen wonderlands and covered the hillsides with plenty of snow. For snowmobilers, this is a perfect time to play with their favorite toy. However, being safety-savvy will help to lower your insurance costs.
First, respect the machine. A snowmobile weighs more than 600 lbs., and you can go really, really fast, like 90+ mph fast. As a result, there are approximately 14,000 snowmobile accidents every year. Many of these accidents can be very serious given the high speeds reached by snowmobiles.  Broken limbs, even brain injuries, can be the result of a snowmobile crash. There are also more than 200 fatalities every year from snowmobiles. These statistics aren’t meant to scare you, but to make you aware of the hazards of this winter sport. Insurance companies are very aware of the safety risks, so you should be, too.
How to Lower Your Snowmobile Insurance Costs
To stay safe—and lower your insurance rates—it’s a good idea to do the following:
Buy a newer model. These will have more safety features than older models. Anything that can decrease your risk will be looked upon more favorably by insurance companies. Not only is the make and model important, but if you also purchase safety-forward accessories, such as a helmet or special eyewear.
Ride in low-risk places. What does this mean? A flat surface with fewer obstructions, such as trees, may be safer than a steep hillside with vegetation and rocks, etc. But it may make no difference at all. It depends on the insurance company.
Consider your deductible. Like all types of insurance, the higher your deductible, the lower your premiums. Just be sure that you could pay the deductible should the need arise.
Limit the time of year for coverage. If you only use the snowmobile in the winter, it makes sense to cover it for specific months. However, you can also opt to get year-round coverage to protect you from theft during the off-season.
You may not pay insurance at all. Some states do not require mandatory insurance for snowmobiles. But consider this—if you have an accident or injure someone else with your snowmobile, you will wish you were covered!
What Insurance Companies Consider When Insuring Your Snowmobile
Your age. Yes, this is a factor, even though it’s something we have no control over. If you’re elderly, have health problems or physical impairments like poor eyesight, this will affect your insurance rate. On the other hand, sometimes teenagers or young adults are viewed as more reckless and willing to take risks, so this could impact your rates. Having a solid reputation for safety can go a long way. Again, it depends on the insurance company.
Type of coverage. Insurance packages will vary from $300 to $400. You could have collision, property damage and bodily injury coverage. Liability will protect you from lawsuits. And comprehensive coverage may cost more, but it takes care of more issues, so you can rest easy in the event that an accident happens. Also, don’t forget about coverage in case an uninsured driver hits you or causes damage to your vehicle.
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