Homeowner’s Insurance Tips for Winter

Maintenance Tips That Will Help You Save on Insurance

If you own a home, it’s essential that you have homeowner’s insurance. However, as we’ve said in previous blogs, it’s not a given that certain home-related issues will be covered. Insurance companies care most that you, the homeowner, have properly maintained your house and surrounding property. If you keep up with the maintenance, you’ll be less likely to have problems later on. If, however, something happens that’s beyond your control, you’ll be very glad you have insurance!

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind during the cold months ahead:

Check Your Chimney

During the winter, you’ll no doubt be running your heat. If you have an oil furnace, you need to make sure the chimney is properly vented. Have someone do a routine check before the cold months hit. The service professional will clear out the vent, so the exhaust won’t back up into your home and cause carbon-monoxide poisoning. In some cases, if your chimney is older, there could be clay tiles crumbling inside, which could cause a dangerous blockage. It may be recommended that you install a stainless steel liner to prevent blockages of the vent. Then you’ll be able to run your heat without worry.

Rake Your Roof

After a big snow storm, be sure to not only shovel your driveway, but also rake your roof. If you neglect to do this and another storm hits, you could run the risk of having your roof cave in! Since the average cost to replace a roof is about $9,000, prevention is worth a lot here. Before winter comes, it’s a good idea to do a yearly maintenance check of your roof, looking for any signs of damage that could create problems when the snow hits. If your roof is old and showing signs of wear and tear, it’s recommended that you replace it with asphalt shingles. These are thick and durable, and they last 15 to 30 years. There are other types as well, but they will likely have to be replaced more frequently. Sometimes, paying more up-front will prevent more expenses down the road.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Make sure your gutters are doing the job they are supposed to. Look for debris, such as leaves and twigs, which may cause blockages. Do you know how long you’ve had your gutters? Galvanized steel and aluminum gutters are usually good for 20 years. Copper will last 50 years.

Trim That Problem Tree

Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies will cover you for storm damage. However, if you have a tree that is too close to a power line, or is likely to fall either in your yard or your neighbor’s yard, you could be held responsible for the cost. So have problem trees cut down before snow storm season.

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