Homeowners Insurance for Modular and Manufactured Homes

What is the difference between modular and manufactured homes?
Modular homes are set on a permanent foundation, while manufactured homes are put on a steel chassis with attached wheels for moving.
Modular Homes
Modular, or prefabricated, homes have come a long way. These types of homes have proven in many cases to withstand storms and other natural disasters better than traditionally built homes. Many homeowners are considering modular homes because they tend to cost less, can be built faster, and yet are as sturdy and strong as traditionally built homes. They now come in all styles and sizes. Most likely, you’ve driven by an impressive home and never knew it was a modular home!
The basic difference between modular and homes built on-site is that modular homes are built off-site in a factory, then delivered to your location and put together there. They come in a variety of floorplans and can be customized according to the homeowner’s needs. Some people also get a modular addition to an existing home when they’re looking for more space without the cost and time-consuming issues of traditional builders.
If you should choose to get a modular home, you can get a standard Homeowners Insurance policy. This policy is necessary for obtaining a mortgage loan. The standard policy will protect your home from damage caused by falling trees, lightning, fire, vandalism and other potential threats. It also protects your house and the contents inside from damages and theft. It will replace the cost of valuable property, such as art and jewelry. It will pay for others’ injuries inside or on your property that you’re liable for. And it will also pay for a temporary place to stay in the event that your home needs to be repaired.
Manufactured or Mobile Homes
Many people like the flexibility and simplicity of a manufactured or mobile home. First, what’s the difference between “manufactured” and “mobile?” Both are regulated by HUD, the Housing and Urban Development division of the government. According to HUD, a factory-built home prior to 1976 is a mobile home and one built after 1976 is called “manufactured.” Essentially, they’re the same, but the date changes the name!
If you own a manufactured or mobile home, you should first assess the level of risk in your location. For example, mobile homes tend to be more vulnerable during hurricanes. New England may not be a central area for hurricanes, but beware the Nor’easters!
If you have a mobile or manufactured home, a Manufactured Home Insurance policy is required. This will cover hazards such as natural events, including storms, snow, tornadoes, fires, burglary and more. Depending on your risk level, you may opt to get more comprehensive coverage, or you can add certain types of coverage. Some additions may include:

  • water damage from a burst pipe
  • hail and heavy winds
  • damages caused by wild animals

Whichever type of home you choose, the professionals at Zawada Insurance Group can help you find the coverage that best fits your needs. We’ll help you shop around to find the best deals on car, home, and other types of insurance.  Please contact Zawada Insurance Agency for details.
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