Homeowner’s Insurance DO’s and DON’Ts

What You Need to Know
How do you know if you have enough homeowner’s insurance? How can you save money on your insurance? Are there hidden costs to look out for when choosing insurance? For many people, homeowner’s insurance can be mysterious and sometimes complicated. So here we’ve compiled some of the most important Do’s and Don’ts that can help save you money.
DO shop around when trying to find the most affordable Homeowner’s Insurance.
It’s not only important to consider all your options, but also to consider bundling your home, auto and other types of insurance. Sometimes bundling will help you to get a lower rate.
DON’T expect your Homeowner’s Insurance to be based on the real estate market value of your home.
In fact, your coverage will be based on what it would cost to rebuild your house. The cost can vary, so be sure to contact an insurance agent.
DON’T buy an older home.
Your insurance company will look more favorably on a newer home because the risk level is lower. For example, the wiring is likely to be in good shape and thus, safer. Also, the pipes will be in better shape, which can prevent flooding. Insurance companies are always looking at ways to reduce the likelihood of too many claims being made. So if possible, a newer home is the way to go.
DO choose a home in a safe location.
Good security will help keep insurance costs down. Choose a home in a gated community or in close proximity to the fire department. If you live out in the country or in a very remote area, your insurance costs may be higher.
DO make sure your Homeowner’s Insurance policy covers flood, earthquake and other natural disasters.
These policies don’t automatically cover these things. Believe it or not, most policies don’t cover types of water damage. It’s up to you to make sure it’s included.
DO use Homeowner’s Insurance to cover tractors and garden equipment.  
Many people assume these items fall under Auto Insurance, but they don’t. In fact, you’d be surprised how many things are covered under Homeowner’s Insurance. It’s not just about your home. Homeowner’s Insurance Property Protection covers other buildings that aren’t necessarily attached to your home, such as a detached garage, a barn or storage shed, patios, fences and other things.
DON’T expect your insurance policy to cover an unhealthy tree that falls in your yard.
If you have a tree that was rotting due to neglect, and it falls on your property, this is considered a maintenance issue on your part. And the insurance company would not pay for it. If a tree falls in your yard and doesn’t cause any damage, you should expect to pay for the cost of removing it yourself. This is not covered by the insurance company.
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