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Warmer weather means different types of hazards on the road. Some can be quite unexpected—and the results can be disastrous. Maybe it’s happened to you. You’re driving down the road and all of a sudden, a spider drops on your head! This may cause you to swerve into oncoming traffic, a ditch, or something that can result in a serious accident.
The Facts about Accidents Caused by Spiders and Insects
It happens more often than you think. According to CNN, in Oregon, a driver flipped over when a spider came down from the rearview mirror. In North Dakota, some kind of insect flew into the window of a truck, and as the driver tried to get it out, the truck overturned. It was carrying parts for rocket engines! Luckily, both drivers survived these accidents.
In fact, thousands of accidents every year are caused by spiders and insects, resulting in approximately $44 million in damages to vehicles.
Do You Have Spiders Living in Your Car?
It’s not uncommon for you to see a web attached to one or both of your side view mirrors, especially if you live in an area with a lot of trees, and you park your car outside in a driveway and not in a garage. If you’ve seen webs outside—and inside—your car, it could mean that there’s a spider infestation in your car.
Why should this concern you? If you’re one of those people who can brush off a spider while driving and go about your merry way, that’s great. But did you know that in the western world, approximately 73 percent of people have some fear of spiders? In the United States, more than 30.5 percent of people have an intense fear of them, which is known as arachnophobia. If you’re one of these people, encountering a spider while driving could mean a serious accident like the ones mentioned above.
Keeping Spiders Out of Your Car
Prevention is better than having to evict an unwanted hitchhiker. Remember, spiders like enclosed places, preferably with some dirt and clutter. So keep your car clean! Vacuum it regularly and don’t let trash pile up inside. Spiders tend to hide behind the side view mirror because there’s a little enclosure there. Spraying (see some treatments below) around that area is a good idea. They also gravitate toward the space where the hood of the car meets the windshield, where leaves and twigs gather. So clean that area out. Once spiders inhabit your car, they can also get into the vents, and some can even cause trouble in your engine. Some auto makers have taken steps to prevent this, but it’s better to be proactive so you won’t have unnecessary car repair costs.
Getting Rid of Spiders in Your Car
If you know you already have a problem, you’ll need to take action. It may interest you to know that spiders do not like the smell of citrus, particularly lemon. If you can rub some lemon rind around your side view mirrors, this is an excellent deterrent. However, make sure none of the lemon juice runs down the side of your car, because you don’t want to damage the paint work. Spiders also do not like eucalyptus oil. It’s been said that they don’t like peppermint oil, but some people have tried that and still had webs on their car the next day, while their car smelled like peppermint. So we’ll leave that one up to you.
You could also use sprays that contain poison. But you may want to try some of the natural alternatives first, so you won’t be inhaling the poison next time you go for a drive.
Freak Accidents
A spider frightening a driver would be considered the cause of a freak accident. It falls into the category of “freak accident” because it’s something unforeseen. It’s similar to a health condition, like a seizure or heart attack, happening while you’re driving. It can’t always be prevented. But now that we are in the spring and summer months, spider issues, among others, are one of those unexpected road hazards that can be prevented. So follow the above tips, and have safe travels!
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