Garage Liability Insurance: Do You Know What’s Covered at Your Garage?

If you repair vehicles for a living, and you operate out of a garage, you will want to have Garage Liability Insurance to cover unforeseen costs. As with all types of insurance policies, there are limits to what is covered, depending on the type of coverage. When purchasing coverage for your garage, consider what things may be most important to you.
Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Garage Insurance
If you offer towing services to your garage, what happens if you have an accident with the customer’s vehicle? If you do extensive repairs on different types of vehicles, there may be a lot of equipment on the premises that could harm a customer by accident. Wouldn’t you want to be covered in case of a lawsuit?
Garage Liability Insurance is usually purchased by repair shops / garages and car dealerships. It covers the legal costs for car, truck, motorcycle, tractor and other recreational vehicles for claims involving medical issues and property damage all related to the garage or dealership. A basic policy will most likely cover you if a customer falls in your garage. It even extends to liability claims such as discrimination or a dishonest employee. In addition, Garage Liability Insurance may cover any products you sell in your garage that result in damage to a customer’s car or truck. What it DOESN’T cover is damage to vehicles in your care, on the premises. That’s where additional coverage comes in. . .
When Garage Liability Is Not Enough
There is another type of policy known as the Garagekeepers Legal Liability Insurance. This is an optional type of coverage for automotive repair shops that offer towing services. This covers any vehicle owned by your customers while you’re keeping it at your garage—parking it overnight or performing repairs on it. Also, if you want to cover property damage to vehicles being held on the premises, Garagekeepers will cover those vehicles on your property. This is why garage owners often add this coverage to their existing insurance.
Garagekeepers Legal Liability Insurance is a must for many garage owners because it covers many things you may not even think about when running your business. Some of these include vandalism, theft, fire and collision. Nowadays, you can’t run your business and protect it from lawsuits without adding Garagekeepers to your Garage Liability Insurance.
What is Commercial General Liability?
Garage Liability shouldn’t be confused with Commercial General Liability. The latter is a policy that many businesses purchase because it covers personal and advertising injuries. It also covers fires, liquor liability, and watercraft vehicles. Garage Liability is more limited than Commercial, so some companies like to purchase additional coverage for this reason.
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