Are You Getting the Best Auto Insurance Rates in MA?

Are You Getting the Best Auto Insurance Rates in MA? Did you know that insurance companies consider many factors when determining auto insurance rates in MA? Although some of the factors that affect auto insurance rates in MA are within your control, such as your credit history and whether you’ve ever been convicted of drunk driving, other factors are at least largely out of your control. For example, like your city or town’s population density and your age. In addition, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires minimum coverage policies for all drivers.

Here are some more factors. Young drivers pay higher auto insurance rates in MA. since they are considered to be less experienced and more likely to get into an accident. After age 25, a driver’s insurance rates begin to decrease.  On the other hand senior drivers are often charged more after they pass the age of 65. Not only are older drivers more likely to get into a car accident than younger adults, but they’re also more likely to be injured in a collision. Auto insurance rates can vary by up to 367% based on age.

Your automobile factors into the equation as well. For example, auto insurance companies in MA prefer to insure safe vehicles, as they’re less likely to lead to expensive claims. That means a vehicle with high safety ratings can get you a bit of a discount. On the other hand, some vehicles are statistically more likely to be stolen, including the Honda Accord and any full-size Ford pickup. They tend to be more expensive to insure as a result. High risk violators pay more as well.  Both Traffic violations and automobile accidents are factors that can increase the cost of car insurance coverage by anywhere from  20% to 200%.

The cost increase is based on the severity of your violation and whether you’ve been convicted in the past. In addition, multiple violations  make you a high-risk customer for your insurance company. Some insurance companies use traffic violations as a factor in car insurance pricing for a three (3) year period, while others keep them on your record for longer. It’s worth shopping around again three years after your latest incident, in case you can get a better deal somewhere else. Your driving record certainly is a factor that influences your insurance costs, for better or worse.

For example, if you have a clean driving record, you could very well end up paying 40% less than drivers with a poor record, thanks in part to the availability of safe-driver discounts.

If you drive an automobile  in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts then you need to ensure that you have the proper insurance coverage in place. We can help you get the best deal on all of your personal and or business insurance needs.  Please consult with a professional insurance agent that can answer your questions about all insurance related topics. It is important to fully understand exactly what you are buying when it comes to insurance policies.

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