condo buildingInsure a Condo in Massachusetts

Owning a condo usually entails being part of a condo association. The association will maintain the common areas of the building, for a monthly fee, and fund a master insurance policy for the complex. Don’t get caught off guard, you still need your own Massachusetts condo insurance policy. A master insurance policy generally only covers the public areas of the association. Your unit, including your floors, walls, cabinets, appliances and more are usually not protected by the master insurance policy. That is why a condo insurance policy should be obtained by each individual owner.

Your condo insurance policy doesn’t stop with the protection of the unit itself. A condo policy can also protect your furniture, clothes, electronics and other personal property. In addition, your Massachusetts condo policy can protect you from any personal liability for an accident, personal injury or death within your unit or physical damage you may cause to the public areas of the complex.

Maintaining a Home Inventory

We highly recommend that every MA homeowner and renter maintains an updated inventory of their possessions. If your home were to sustain a fire or burglary, it can be difficult to remember everything you owned and its associated cost. Maintaining an inventory can save you significant time and money when you need it most.

Home Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies provide many discounts on home insurance policies. Our associates will work closely with you to find the company that best matches your situation. Some of the discounts available include:

  • Home & Auto Package Discounts
  • Loss Free Discounts
  • AARP Member Discounts
  • New Construction Discounts
  • Central Fire Station & Burglar Alarm Discounts
  • Smoke Detector Discounts
  • Major Home Renovation Discounts

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