renters-insuranceInsure an Apartment in Massachusetts

Renter’s insurance is an often overlooked policy. Insured’s are aware of the need for home insurance if they own a property. However, they fail to realize the importance of protecting their possessions and personal liability when renting an apartment or home in Massachusetts.

MA apartment insurance is extremely affordable, with many insured’s getting the coverage nearly free when combining it with an auto insurance policy. We highly recommend taking advantage of this coverage to protect your clothes, furniture, electronics and personal liability in the event of a fire, theft, vandalism or other covered perils. Please remember to keep track of your possessions as well. This is critical in the event of a claim.

An associate at Zawada Insurance would be happy to walk you through the details of your renter’s policy to explain your coverage options. Contact Zawada Insurance today for comprehensive coverage at a competitive price at (508) 831-0133.