3 Things You Should Tell Your Insurance Agent

3 Things You Should Tell Your Insurance Agent

When it comes to insurance, your agent wants to know all about you. While it may seem nosy at first, there is a reason your agent is asking certain questions. We’re trying to make sure that we’re getting you the best price possible on your insurance, and to do this, we need to make sure that we have all of the information that will affect the rate your insurance company will charge you.


1. Tell us about EVERYONE who drives your car!

This is a big one. While you may think you’re saving money by leaving people off of your policy, many insurance companies will offer you a lower price for listing everyone that’s driving your car. So when you come in for insurance, bring a list of everyone that has a drivers license in your home, as well as anyone that would occasionally operate your vehicle, even if they don’t live with you or have their own insurance policy. If they have their own policy, we can defer them to their own insurance policy, so your insurance won’t go up by having them listed as a driver.

2. Make sure you ask us about any discounts you may be eligible for!

When it comes to insurance, there are a lot of discounts that you are eligible for, and your insurance agent may not ask you about each one. Check out this list of all different types of auto insurance discounts to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table!

This is especially important if you have a new, young driver on your insurance policy. There are a lot of discounts that young drivers may be eligible for to make insurance more affordable!

3. Tell us if you use your car for any kind of business!

Do you participate in new ride sharing programs like Uber? Is your car being used for work like some form of delivery service? Are there advertisements on your car? You may need a special insurance policy to make sure that your vehicle is properly insured! If you get into an accident while at work, you need to make sure your policy is written correctly so that you have coverage on your vehicle.

What else do you think we want to know? Feel free to leave a comment, give us a call at (508) 831-0133, or come in to our office at 131 Millbury St in Worcester and start a discussion to see if we can help you with your insurance needs!